Sunday, August 19, 2012

Website LIfe/Update

Hi All! Sorry for the lack of updates! Please bear with me as I am in the process of moving images/content over to a new server/domain! I will no longer be keeping With Lov3--and from now on, it will just be Emme Wynn Photography. Plain and simple and no fancy pseudonym that confuses people!

While I'm trying to finish that as soon as I can, it's been rather difficult because of my travels (I'll be off again in a few days). But please stay tuned, it's going to a great website full of gorgeous content!

The new website will be much better and will be viewable under all browsers! I have come to accept that there are many out there using Internet Explorer and I have unintentionally alienated such potential clients by having a website that is not working properly under IE (IE is notorious for not reading scripts properly and parts of my website isn't viewable because of that).

It took a while to find the scripts that was compatible with all the browsers as I am neither a design expert nor HTML guru. It's been slow, but it's moving :)...

A peek of what's to come:

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Heat Summer Storm

This past Saturday, I shot one of my most memorable wedding. They say rain is a sign of good-luck for a marriage, so a tornado/torrential rain must mean extra good-luck! Congrats to Rebecca and Will on taking the leap after so many years together! They braved their first actual storm together and I know they can weather anything along the road. :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Camera Day!

Today is Camera Day (who knew?)! My new D800 came in this week just in time for this weekend's wedding! I've waited two months for it and I'm so excited to see how the resulting photos turn out!

Sorry for the slow email responses last week. I took sometime off in order to spend time with family and also to make the house pretty as our landlord was coming over for the lease renewal. The hot temperature killed a lot of the plants and the grass looked like a brown mess. I replanted new bushes and trees, but the weather killed that off too. My husband said instead of a green thumb, I have a brown one! :(

Speaking of my husband, I won't be seeing him for a week or two. He's going on vacation while I'll be in VA shooting weddings. It's going to be super-productive while he is gone. We haven't been apart for this long since we married, but I have our dog and images to keep me company. :) Hopefully, I will get to join him later.

July is drawing near and that marks 1 year we've been in VA!

Florals: Sidra Forman
Dress: Marchesa available at Carine's Bridal Atelier
Venue: White Oak Lavender Farm

Monday, June 25, 2012


Ahhh! It's such a happy day to wake up and discover that you're featured on two popular national blogs! A HUGE thanks to Sareh Nouri Bridal for allowing me to take pictures of her awesome dresses!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Annabelle + Andrew | Murray Hill, Leesburg, VA Wedding

It's the first day of Summer! Here is Annabelle and Andrew's wedding in Leesburg, VA in late May! While Annabelle and Andrew have re-located to Philadelphia for work, they chose to celebrate their wedding day with friends and family in a beautiful rustic setting in Leesburg, VA. The wedding was vintage yet laid-back and I loved how everyone had so much fun, they partied into the night!

I had a blast covering their wedding and I wish them a long and wonderful life together! :D

Venue: Murray Hill
Second Shooter/Assisting: Evelyn Alas
Decor/Styling: Bride, Annabelle
Vintage Rentals: Rusty Love Vintage Rentals

Monday, June 4, 2012

Jamie + Dale | Hagerstown, MD Wedding Part II

Part two of Jamie and Dale's wedding